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Are Your People Satisfied Or Engaged?

There are several direct correlations between your employees being engaged and client loyalty. In a 2012 meta-analysis of 263 analysis studies across 192 firms, Gallup found that companies in the top quartile for engaged employees, (compared with the bottom quartile) had twenty two percent higher profitability, ten percent higher customer ratings, twenty eight percent less theft and forty eight percent fewer safety incidents. Do you think they may have discovered something?!

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SHRM 2012

ISA is thrilled to once again be expoing at the largest HR event, the Society for Human Resource Management's annual conference and exposition which will be held June 24-27 in Atlanta. Our booth is #2515 and we look forward to meeting as many HR professionals as we possibly can. We are proud to have at least 7 speakers who we represent on the platform including two Mega Session speakers- Steve Gilliland (backs for his 7th year and

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Catching Up With a Radical Social Transformation

Sometimes the world changes around us so quickly that it takes a little extra time to catch up with new truths and their implications.

It takes even longer when those changes contradict deeply-held beliefs, like the idea that the earth is flat, that washing is bad for us (an unfortunate view in the eighteenth century), or that the advent of computing would lead to a paperless society and a four day work week.

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It's 11:30.

It's 11:30.

Sunday afternoon my 10 year old daughter, Jessica, asked me if she and her best friend, Emma, could set up a lemonade stand in our yard. It was a very drizzly, wet, cool day. But I thought a lesson could be learned about disappointment and realistic expectations, so I said “Sure.” They painted a sign (50 Cents a Cup - All Proceeds to Benefit Animal Shelter”) made the lemonade, set up their table in the yard, and stood in the drizzle. I sighed the sigh that a wise parent sighs as his child is about to face disappointment.

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Talent is Irrelevant

Talent is irrelevant.

1971 called. It wants its conversation back.

All this talk about “talent.” Finding it, measuring it, acquiring it, managing it, yada, yada, yada.

Talent is becoming irrelevant.

Okay, I got carried away…it’s not irrelevant. But it is much less relevant than it used to be.

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Business Growth Expo

Join the Pittsburgh Business Times, Infinite Speakers Agency and hundreds of local business professionals for our second annual Business Growth Expo. This full-day event on Tuesday, November 1 will include top-rated national speakers, a business tradeshow with more than 30 exhibitors and plenty of time for networking. The Expo will be focused on topics, products and services to help you grow your business. Spend the day meeting fellow business executives, gaining valuable business-building information and getting motivated to increase and improve your business.

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SHRM 2011 Annual Conference

13,000 HR professionals from around the globe will be meeting and networking in Las Vegas at SHRM's annual conference and exposition. ISA is pleased to announce we have four speakers RETURNING to SHRM's platform to speak.

Only the BEST professional speakers get invited to speak for SHRM and repeat invitations certify these folks are FANTASTIC.

If you are attending, make sure you stop at booth 821 to see us and meet these talented talkers! See you in Vegas!

Visit the SHRM website: annual.shrm.org

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